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Chapter 12: Going Freestyle

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(This page is for the second edition of Recording Secrets For The Small Studio. To access an archive of the first-edition resource pages, click here.)

  • Mic-mounting Hardware Tips: Here are links to the product pages of a couple of little K&M mic-mounting widgets I mentioned in this Chapter: the K&M 238 Microphone Holder, which can be used in conjunction with a cheap lighting stand to position multimic arrays several meters up in the air; and the K&M 21431 Mini Boom Arm, which can be fitted to any other stand as a drop-arm. Alternatively, Superlux do a ridiculously affordable and rugged mic stand called the MS200, which has a vertical reach of more than 5m, although this only seems to be available in Europe.

  • Line-checking Gadgets: There are now quite a few little pocket-sized gizmos on the market for speeding up the line-checking process. Superlux do a great little phantom-powered noise/tone generator rejoicing in the name The Pink Stick. (Titter Ye Not!) Sound Tools have their XLR Sniffer/Sender which is pair of barrel adaptors that can quickly test the wiring integrity of XLR cable runs in situ. But if you’re looking for a true Swiss Army Knife option, then check out Sonnect’s fully featured Sound Bullet.

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