Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio - Additional Resources

Chapter 17: Mixing With Delays

Workflow Demonstration Video

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Audio Files

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  • Blend & Size Delays: Here are four versions of the same basic mix: a completely dry version Ex17.01: WAV/MP3play_arrow, a version with blend delay applied Ex17.02: WAV/MP3play_arrow, a version with size delay applied Ex17.03: WAV/MP3play_arrow, and finally a version with both delays at once Ex17.04: WAV/MP3play_arrow. Compare these files with the corresponding reverb treatments (blend Ex17.05: WAV/MP3play_arrow; size Ex17.06: WAV/MP3play_arrow; both Ex17.07: WAV/MP3play_arrow) to get a feeling for the differences, and also have a listen to what all four effects can do together Ex17.08: WAV/MP3play_arrow.

  • Overall Reverb & Delay Effects Balances: Here are some examples which demonstrate the overall reverb/delay effects balances for several different mixes. The first is from Mix Rescue August 2009, where I used three reverbs and a delay for the final remix Ex17.09: WAV/MP3play_arrow. Here’s what it sounds like without those effects Ex17.10: WAV/MP3play_arrow. In Mix Rescue July 2010, I used two reverbs and three delays for the final remix Ex17.11: WAV/MP3play_arrow, but this file has all of them muted Ex17.12: WAV/MP3play_arrow. There’s a more detailed example in Mix Rescue May 2010, where the final remix Ex17.13: WAV/MP3play_arrow used blend reverb Ex17.14: WAV/MP3play_arrow, size reverb Ex17.15: WAV/MP3play_arrow, sustain reverb Ex17.16: WAV/MP3play_arrow, size delay Ex17.17: WAV/MP3play_arrow, and ping-pong delay Ex17.18: WAV/MP3play_arrow.

  • Ducking Delay: Let’s say I want to add a strong echo effect to the vocal part from Mix Rescue February 2009 Ex17.19: WAV/MP3play_arrow. Using a traditional delay effect clouds the vocal delivery itself Ex17.20: WAV/MP3play_arrow, whereas a ducking delay allows the vocals much more space, while still delivering the same obvious echo tail Ex17.21: WAV/MP3play_arrow.

  • Affordable Delay Plug-ins: I use Cockos’s freeware ReaDelayWindows logo for all my general-purpose delay effects, but Voxengo’s Tempo DelayMac logoWindows logo is a decent cross-platform alternative. For more coloristic freeware options, check out: Full Bucket Brigade DelayMac logoWindows logo; Interruptor Tape DelayWindows logo 32‑bit & Bionic Supa DelayWindows logo 32‑bit ; Musical Entropy Spaceship DelayMac logoWindows logo; Saltline Lisc-delayWindows logo 32‑bit ; Shuttleplugs Shuttle EchoWindows logo 32‑bit and Shuttle EcholetteWindows logo 32‑bit ; Smartelectronix Analog DelayMac logoWindows logo 32‑bit ; Sonic Anomaly Leet DelayMac logoWindows logo; Tesselode Cocoa DelayWindows logo; Ursa DSP LagrangeMac logoWindows logo; and Valhalla FreqEchoMac logoWindows logo. If you’re after an all-in-one ducking delay, here are a couple of freeware plug-ins for that: GVST GDuckDlyMac logoWindows logo, Smartelextronix MdspDuckDelayMac logoWindows logo 32‑bit & Tesselode Cocoa DelayWindows logo. You can give any of your regular delays a bit vintage-style wow and flutter with Interruptor Wow & FlutterWindows logo 32‑bit or Tesselode FlutterbirdWindows logo.

  • Affordable Pitched Resonator Plug-ins: I first came into contact with pitched resonators via the Resonant Chords patch of Lexicon’s studio effects units, and although this effect is now available in software form as part of the PCM Native EffectsMac logoWindows logo bundle, it’s quite an expensive option if pitched resonance is all you’re looking for. For a more affordable option, try LMDSP SuperchordMac logoWindows logo or Stillwell Audio TinManMac logoWindows logo, although with the latter you’ll need to use multiple single-pitch instances to achieve a similar level of functionality. The best freeware pitched resonator I know of is Melda MCombMac logoWindows logo, but some other fun options are Decade Bridge SpeculumMac logoWindows logo, Mutagene Macomate88Windows logo 32‑bit , and Wok Wave ResomWindows logo 32‑bit .