Strings Realism Tips article: Additional Resources

On this page I’ve collected together some additional resources to support my Sound On Sound magazine article about improving the realism of MIDI string-ensemble tracks.


Cockos Reaper Project File (56MB ZIP)

Use the link above to download the demonstration DAW project I used to generate the audio examples in the article. The project was created in Cockos ReaperMac logoWindows logo v6.14, and uses only the DAW’s bundled plug-ins, so you should be able to load it in full using the cross-platform, fully functional Reaper demo version. All the project’s audio files are provided in the ZIP archive’s ‘Audio’ folder. The track naming should be fairly self-explanatory, and I’ve bounced down the two reverb effects as audio so that you don’t need to have my specific reverb plug-in to run the project. Please be very careful when playing back this project for the first time, in case your audio setup varies from mine and you get unexpectedly high output levels!

Mix Magician's Toolkit course from Cambridge-MT


Free 6-part Mixing Podcast from Mike Senior!