Remote Vocal-ensemble Production -- Additional Resources

On this page I’ve collected together some additional resources to support my recent Sound On Sound magazine article about remote vocal-ensemble production.

Video Demonstrations
Audio Examples
Plug-in Recommendations & Further Reading
Need Remote Production Services For Your Vocal Group?


Mix Magician's Toolkit course from Cambridge-MT


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Free E-book: 5 References For Low End


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Mix Magician's Toolkit course from Cambridge-MT


Are you looking for a one-stop editing and mixing solution to assemble individual per-singer recordings of your vocal group into a complete performance? Perhaps to put together a remote vocal collaboration over the internet?

I’m Mike Senior, an award-winning audio engineer and educator who specialises in remote vocal production. I’m also singer and vocal arranger with more than 35 years experience working with choirs and a-capella groups, so I understand the unique demands of multitrack choral and a-capella production, and am ideally placed to help you and your vocal group make a success of your next project – however ambitious!

The Full Package: Tuition, Advice, Editing & Mixing

Recording equipment is extremely affordable these days, so most choirs understandably want to save budget by having their singers record themselves at home. However, the recorded results are often undermined by poor studio technique, which means that the final result suffers from the inconvenient truth of ‘garbage in, garbage out’! So the first part of my Vocal Ensemble Production service is to provide online group and individual training to help your singers get the best sound from their equipment at source. I can also advise on workflow matters such as guide parts and tempo mapping as necessary.

Once the raw vocal parts have been recorded, the second part of my service involves thorough editing (dealing with any remaining recording glitches and sensitively tightening tuning/timing inaccuracies) and a final mix to achieve a professional-sounding end product in WAV format. Mastering can also be arranged.

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The pricing for my tuition, editing, and mixing bundle is £475 base rate plus £10 per singer (prices ex VAT), and includes:

Discounts are available for multi-song bookings – please get in touch with me direct and I’ll be delighted to advise further.

Terms & Conditions

Final mix/master files will not be delivered until full payment has been received. For package quotes, payment will be 30% in advance and the price includes two revisions per mix/master - subsequent revisions will be charged by the hour. Draft mixes will be supplied in MP3 format (normally at 192kbps resolution unless otherwise requested) until a final version has been agreed upon. Mixes/masters must be approved as ‘complete’ by you in writing (email is fine) before any final deliverables can be generated. All final audio files will be provided in 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV format.

Any production work carried out by Cambridge-MT is performed as ‘work for hire’, and as such no claim is made on the music creator’s compositional or sound-recording copyrights. Although mixes and project/master files are backed up by Cambridge-MT as a matter of course, ultimate responsibility for archiving all aspects of any mix project lies with the client. Cambridge-MT encourages clients to back up important files in at least two different digital formats. Cambridge-MT reserve the right to use up to 30 seconds of any material worked on by Cambridge-MT for demonstration and/or publicity purposes.