Cambridge-MT 'Flash Feedback' Sessions

Like many project-studio engineers, you’re worried that your mixes just don’t sound competitive enough. But is it your plug-in settings that are letting you down? Or are underlying recording and arrangement problems holding you back? Maybe you’re just too close to the project and there’s actually nothing wrong at all!

What you need is unbiased, expert feedback from a specialist in project-studio working methods.

Speak To The specialist!

Over the past ten years, Mike Senior has dissected more than 500 commercial record productions in his regular ‘The Mix Review’ column. On top of that, he’s critiqued thousands of project-studio mixes, both at live seminars around the world, and as part of large-scale mix competitions such as The Great 'Blood To Bone' Mixoff and the Cambridge-MT Patrons Diesel13 Mix Contest. And if you’ve heard any of his 60+ remixes for Sound On Sound magazine’s Mix Rescue feature, you’ll know that he has the skills to deliver commercial mix results even in challenging small-studio environments.

So bring his expertise to bear on your work today with a face-to-face Flash Feedback Session. Hook up with Mike over Zoom as he listens to your work and provides personalised, practical advice in real time. You’ll be able to see and hear his DAW project as he analyses your mix and demonstrates processing tactics, and he’ll help you home in on the most important actions you can take to improve your results – whether that means repositioning mics, adjusting effects, or reworking harmonies.

“ Mike gets straight to the core analysis of the mix in order to help you improve. Even an hour of his feedback has left me reflecting on, and experimenting with, my mixes for weeks afterwards. If you’re looking for some extremely astute, detailed and highly effective feedback on your mixes in order to improve them and develop your skills, then Mike’s your man! “

– Conor Molloy

How It Works

In the first instance, get in touch with Mike to send him a WAV or AIFF file of your mix and arrange a mutually convenient session time. If you’ve used any mastering-style processing, it’s helpful to provide an unmastered file as well. The latest versions of Zoom allow 192kbps stereo MP3-quality audio, and Mike can also stream 24-bit PCM audio alongside via his Audiomovers account if you wish. Alternatively, the session can be carried out over Skype, Whatsapp, or Facetime instead (in conjunction with Audiomovers), although without screen-sharing facilities.

“ Mike has undoubtedly helped me learn and improve far more quickly than I otherwise would have. His experienced ear has helped me identify the key issues with my mixes, while his general knowledge of music and arrangement has also improved pretty much every other area of my tracks! “

– Jon Crocombe


The pricing for a one-hour Flash Feedback session is £55 (plus 19% VAT) per hour. You are welcome to record the Zoom session and Audiomovers audio feed for your own private use, but Mike can also provide a video recording of his feedback (with high-resolution audio) for an additional £30 (plus 19% VAT) per session. Payments can be made via Paypal or UK/European bank transfer.