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The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library

Below is a list of multitrack projects which can be freely downloaded for mixing practice purposes. All these projects are presented as ZIP archives containing uncompressed WAV files (24-bit or 16-bit resolution and 44.1kHz sample rate). For maximum mixdown flexibility, the contributors have made every effort to provide audio 'raw', in other words without additional effects or processing (beyond treatments printed during tracking/editing). When importing the tracks, just make sure all the files start at exactly the same moment in time within your DAW's timeline. (Download problems?) In addition to the Full Multitrack packages, there are also many quick-download Edited Excerpt versions (usually featuring the song's biggest chorus) which provide 'bite-sized' mixing assignments well-suited to classroom use. In both cases a preview mix is provided for easy auditioning while browsing through the list.

As well as the multitracks hosted directly on this site, I've also included links to a few other decent downloads I've discovered on other sites. If you have any projects of your own that you'd be willing to post (or link to) here, then do get in touch. This is a continuously expanding resource, so if you want to keep track of the latest uploads please subscribe to my monthly spam-free 'Small-studio Secrets News' mailing list -- I usually post towards the end of the month. Many thanks to the artists and engineers who have kindly agreed to provide these files -- please follow the links and check out their latest music!

All downloads from this site are provided free of charge for educational purposes only, and the material contained in them should not be used for any commercial purpose without the express permission of the copyright holders.
For projects hosted on other sites, please refer to their separate conditions of use.
(Usage FAQs: portfolios, research, publicity, competitions, teaching materials...) 

July 31st 2018: Site development on hold until Autumn. Following last week's unwelcome hacker attack, the Cambridge-MT site seems now to be back in a reasonably stable and usable condition, although we can't guarantee we've completely removed all malicious scripts from the server. However, I was already planning to completely redevelop the site in September/October to accompany the forthcoming second edition of Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio, during which process the server will be totally cleaned out and reinitialised. Until then, though, I won't be adding any new resources, so as to avoid destabilising the current site in the short term. If you'd like to support my ongoing development of this site, please consider joining the Cambridge-MT Patrons. Thanks for your understanding. Mike S.


Rebuild The Evil -- 'Burial Of Silence' bp -- (Groove Metal)
Ajay Nagarkoti & Vibhu Dixit -- 'Ae Mere Humsafar' bp -- (Bollywood Hindi Song)
Random Somebody -- 'Crazy For Me' bp -- (Upbeat Singer-Songwriter)
Nominal6 -- 'Escape Of The Hopping Rhinos' bp -- (Leftfield Electronica)
cryonicPAX -- 'Melancholy' bp -- (Dubstep/Drum&Bass)
Trafficker -- 'My Father Never Loved Me' bp -- (Blues Rock)
Juanita Dientes Verdes -- 'Donde No Llega La Luz' bp -- (Live Colombian Rock)
Lingua Funqa -- 'Just One Minute' bp -- (Pop Funk)
Kangoro -- 'King Rascal' bp -- (UK Hip-Hop)
Francisco Perez -- 'Spaces' bp -- (Atmospheric EDM)


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Acoustic / Jazz / Country / Orchestral
  • Santi Vega: 'Ying Yang'
    Style: Intricate Solo Acoustic Guitar (back to top)
    As featured in this Mix Rescue article -- you can download my full Cockos Reaper project session for that remix here. Although this solo guitar instrumental isn't a multitrack as such, it's still excellent mixing practice because of the wide range of playing techniques Santi uses. Support him by clicking here.
  • Spektakulatius: Sommeredition (Album Selection)
    Style: Acoustic Jazz Songs (back to top)
    You can download my full Cockos Reaper project session for the song 'Wayfaring Stranger' here. Full details of the small-studio location recording setup used for 'Wayfaring Stranger' can be found on this page. The recording sessions for these tracks were featured in this Sound On Sound magazine 'Session Notes' article and the final album is available from iTunes. Support the band by clicking here.
Electronica / Dance / Experimental

Part Time Recordings -- Online Mixing And Mastering
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Pop / Singer-Songwriter

Check out the Magician's Nephew Band!
Visit www.rossanodembech.it, home of Pedro&Careca and NidraEstudio! Alt Rock / Blues / Country Rock / Indie / Funk / Reggae

FELHOtracks - mixing, mastering, audio production
  • Sven Bornemark & Pearl Mics: 'Stop Messing With Me'
    Style: Blues (back to top)
    This multitrack has been kindly provided by Pearl Microphones, and showcases many of their high-spec microphones. For more details about the making of this recording, check out this video.
  • Wesley Morgan: 'Backroom In Tulsa' & 'Flesh And Bone'
    Style: Dark Blues/Americana (back to top)
    Support him by clicking here. This material was recorded and mixed at Tiny Telephone studios by renowned engineer Oz Fritz. Also, if you liked these projects, check out this stem-mixing session he's kindly provided for another excellent song of his, 'Poor Boy' (preview MP3 bp    19 stems: 565MB ZIP).
Rock / Punk / Metal
  • Forkupines: Yet The Same (EP Selection)
    Style: Alternative Punk Rock (back to top)
    From the band's latest EP. Support them by clicking here and here

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  • Street Noise: 'I'd Rather Be Drinkin''
    Style: Rock (back to top)
    New material from the band behind 'Revelations' and 'You Are The One' -- recorded forty years later with four of the six original band members.
Hip-Hop / R&B

Part Time Recordings -- Online Mixing And Mastering
  • Sound On Sound Demo: 'Mystery'
    Style: Hip-Hop/R&B (back to top)
    Unlike most of the other multitracks, these files have already been processed to create a decent balance immediately. However, everything's bone-dry, so the project is handy for experimenting with the sweetener effects discussed in Part 4 of the book.

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