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Useful Mixing Links


I've made more than 200 software recommendations in these resource pages, but if you're short on time then here's a shortlist of my own favourite freeware sources:


I've tried to mention appropriate cross-platform software options in every chapter page, but here are some of my overall top tips -- they're not all freeware, but they are all excellent value:




Here are some of the best free on-line magazine interview archives on the net:

  • Sound On Sound Magazine Article Archive
    Includes all the magazine's articles since about 1996, although you have to be a subscriber to view any articles published within the last six months. (If you can't wait to read something that recent, bear in mind that a three-month e-subscription costs very little.)

  • Tape Op Magazine Article Archive
    Another massive collection of on-line articles, although much of it only accessible if you sign up for an (excellent value!) online subscription.

  • Mix Magazine Article Archive
    Another good collection of on-line articles, although a little difficult to navigate through.

  • Gearslutz Expert Q&A Archive
    Preserved for posterity here are Q&A sessions Gearslutz carried out on their forum with a couple of dozen big names. Although these aren't as focused as published interviews, they're nonetheless very revealing, and provide insights into the working methods of some engineers it's difficult to find out about from elsewhere (such as Mike Shipley and Russ Elevado).

Video interviews are also becoming an increasingly valuable resource. Here are some freeware recommendations:

  • Video Archive
    A fabulous collection of more than 300 interview videos with dozens of world-famous names.

  • Waves Video Archive
    Despite the ostensible focus on Waves products, these interviews are also of general interest, and feature leading lights such as Manny Marroquin, Tony Maserati, Dave Pensado, JJ Puig, and Chris Lord-Alge.

  • Art & Science Of Sound Recording
    There are a few free video interviews available here, and the payware video downloads also feature some good interview footage too, amidst the general tutorial content.

  • Gearslutz Video Links Page
    There are some reasonable interviews with producers here, but they're scattered amongst links to many other more general-purpose studio-related videos, so you have to sift a little.

  • Pensado's Place
    A cable TV show presented by world-renowned mix engineer Dave 'Hard Drive' Pensado, featuring candid interviews with many current A-list engineers.

In addition to these free information sources, there are also a number of interview resources that I'd highly recommend:

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