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Welcome to the on-line resource pages for 'Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio'. You can navigate the different pages using the links above. The resources are all free to use for educational purposes, and include:

  • Extensive Audio Examples: More than 350 audio demonstrations to illustrate important points in each chapter of the text. Files are available not only in 192kbps MP3 format for quick auditioning (with in-line play button), but also in 16-bit WAV format, allowing critical comparison of more subtle effects within your own DAW system.

  • The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library: Includes 388 free multitrack projects in a variety of different musical styles, for use as mixing practice or as a basis for educational assignments. The projects can easily be imported into any DAW by copying all the WAVs to the same point in the time-line. Many of the projects have been remixed by Mike in his Sound On Sound 'Mix Rescue' columns, so you can read specific tips and tricks there if you need some pointers. If you're just starting out, check out the Suggestions For Mixing Newbies page too.

  • Affordable Software Recommendations: Mike's personal selection of the best affordable audio software, including links to over 150 different freeware gems -- check out the 'Links' section on each chapter page. For those in a hurry, there's also the Mixing Secrets Freeware Top Ten and Cross-platform Software Recommendations.

  • Affordable Hardware Recommendations: Mike's suggested 'best-buys' for the small studio, complete with links to the appropriate manufacturers -- check out the 'Links' section on each chapter page.

  • Mix Critiques: Improve your mix-related listening skills via the dozens of small-studio mix critiques on the Great 'Blood To Bone' Mixoff and Cambridge-MT Patrons Diesel13 'Colour Me Red' Mix Contest pages, and also check out Mike's regular The Mix Review magazine column for detailed analysis of commercial chart productions.

  • Information For Newbies: A Whistlestop Guide To Studio Production for those new to the subject, as well as a couple of good Jargon-busting Glossaries.

  • Further Reading: Additional on-line reading material relating to the subjects covered in the book -- check out the 'Further Reading' section on each chapter page, as well as the recommended Producer Interview Links.

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