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Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio

A Step-By-Step Mixing Primer

This book aims to demystify the mixdown stage by structuring it into a clear step-by-step progression. First you'll discover how to prepare yourself and your studio for truly productive work, but without breaking the bank. Once this foundation has been laid, the remaining chapters logically introduce setup and processing concepts one at a time, while you build up you own mix alongside -- whether that's a home-brew recording, a college assignment, or one of the supplied free on-line multitracks.

Table Of Contents

Introduction & Acknowledgements

Part 1: Hearing & Listening
Chapter 1: Using Nearfield Monitors (sample Kindle chapter -- no Kindle device required)
Chapter 2: Supplementary Monitoring
Chapter 3: Low-end Damage Limitation (sample PDF chapter)
Chapter 4: From Subjective Impressions To Objective Results

Part 2: Mix Preparation
Chapter 5: Essential Groundwork (sample PDF chapter)
Chapter 6: Timing & Tuning Adjustments
Chapter 7: Comping & Arrangement

Part 3: Balance
Chapter 8: Building The Raw Balance
Chapter 9: Compressing For A Reason
Chapter 10: Beyond Compression
Chapter 11: Equalising For A Reason
Chapter 12: Beyond EQ
Chapter 13: Frequency-selective Dynamics
Chapter 14: The Power Of Side-chains
Chapter 15: Towards Fluent Balancing

Part 4: Sweetening To Taste
Chapter 16: Mixing With Reverb
Chapter 17: Mixing With Delays
Chapter 18: Stereo Enhancements
Chapter 19: Buss Compression, Automation & Endgame

Conclusion & Appendices
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Published by Focal Press, a division of Taylor & Francis
352 pages, ISBN 978-0-240-81580-0
Table Of Contents & Sample Chapters
Hi-res Cover Image

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Also available from:

Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.amazon.com Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.barnesandnoble.com Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.wallmart.com
Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.amazon.co.uk Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.bookdepository.co.uk Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.waterstones.com Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.whsmith.co.uk Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio at www.foyles.co.uk

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